Insurance Broking

Brokers have been a feature of British Insurance from its beginnings in the sixteenth century.

An insurance broker is a special kind of agent who holds himself out as having expert knowledge of insurance and the insurance market.  Insurance - particularly commercial insurance can be a very complex business.

We have the professional knowledge, experience and the connections to place the risks you decide to insure in suitable markets at competitive premiums and terms.  We then provide ongoing service and advice as required through the year especially in the event of a claim being made for or against you.

All aspects of your account is personally dealt with or supervised by one of our Directors.

You always deal directly with a person here in our Exeter office.

We hold agencies with major insurers and have access to the London market and Lloyds.  Specialist facilities are available for the insurance of let property, blocks of flats and hard to place risks.

We offer:

  • A stand alone insurance consultancy service.

In today's economic climate it is particularly important to be properly insured whether for property, business interruption or liability.

Apart from trade risks, one of the easiest ways of going bankrupt is to suffer a serious uninsured or underinsured loss.

Our aim is to identify and investigate the insurable risks to which you are exposed and to report to you on the adequacy or otherwise of your present insurance programme.

Although the primary emphasis is on scope of cover it is sometimes found that premiums can be reduced or re-allocated to advantage.

  • Health and Safety Advice
  • Disaster Recovery Planning Assistance
  • Risk Improvement Programming

We work with Chartered Surveyors to establish the correct reinstatement sums insured for commercial property and blocks of flats.

This makes sure that claims are not reduced because of under insurance.

It is little use having an index linked policy if the initial sum insured is wrong.

We make a priority to provide a first class claims service.

Suitable insurance arrangements are one side of the coin and prompt and fair claims settlement is the proof.

We have access to the full details of the contracts in force and an in depth knowledge of how they should be interpreted.

Where appropriate, we accompany Loss Adjusters to our clients' premises and monitor the progress of the claim through to final settlement.

Some claims are made against our clients by employees or third parties.  Again our aim is to protect your interest as much as possible.

We have long standing working relationships with insurers and their claims departments which enables us to obtain the best results.

Life Insurance and Income Protection

Key Person Cover
The death of a key person - a director, partner or employee - could cause severe disruption for a firm.  There could be particularly serious consequences where the person has guaranteed a loan or a lease.  We can advise on the level of insurance needed and the best way to arrange it.

Shareholder and Partnership Cover
If a major shareholder in a private company dies, a properly arranged policy can mean that there is enough money for the remaining shareholders to buy the shares at a fair value.

We can also set up simple, flexible and generally inexpensive cover for partnerships where the same kind of problems can often arise.

Individual Protection
It is important to consider protection against the financial consequences of death or disability.  For example:

  • Would your family have enough income to live comfortably if either parent died or were disabled and unable to work?
  • Are all your loans and potential liabilities covered against death or illness?
  • The level and type of cover should be regularly reviewed to respond to changes in financial circumstances.